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"I'd always been very athletic and kept active by running and rotating through a ridiculously large collection of at-home workout DVDs and exercise programs. It wasn't until my neighbor convinced me to join her for a BodyStep class though, that I discovered how life-changing (and yes, I mean that seriously) group fitness could be. I'd recently had my first child, and through attending classes at Fit-Trix I ended up in the best shape of my life. Even better than before giving birth! There is something so electric and energizing about working out in a group, with people who will become your friends, that it pushes you to go a little further and work a little harder than you would on your own. Give it 5 classes, and you'll be hooked! " - Victoria Fielding

"Fit-Trix is a good fit for everyone, whatever your age, fitness level or schedule! Fun at fitness? I didn't think so until I came to Fit-Trix! I've met new friends while getting healthier." - Lynn MacDonald

"I started coming to Fit-Trix in January 2013 with a Zumba class and easily became addicted! The instructor brings so much energy to every classs--at the end of the hour I am sweaty and feeling good but it hardly seems like working out!" - Nicole Fanelly

"Fit-Trix has great classes at different hours of the day to accomodate every schedule, but I particularly like the Zumba classes. I call it a 'workout in disguise'--we burn calories while making new friends." - Sara Regina

"I have been to many other fitness clubs before but never loved them as much as Fit-Trix. Love coming here because of the great friendly atmosphere. The whole staff is amazing! They help me out in all possible ways and are great motivation. I lost 20 lbs!!" - Shashi Ghodake

"The BodyPump class at Fit-Trix helped me to meet my fitness goals that I was struggling to achieve on my own. I love how people of all fitness abilities can join in and be challenged. The energetic instructors provide a fun and motivating environment. I also like that there is something for everyone with the variety of classes offered. I recommend Fit-Trix to anyone who is looking to get fit!" - Andrea Zgorski

"For me, Fit-Trix provides a friendly, comfortable atmosphere that is focused on each individual and his/her potential. The instructors are of the very best I have ever experienced over many years of fitness centers. I love the variety of class offerings; whether you want to work out on your own or as part of a class, Fit-trix respects and supports that.

I've been a member for over 2 years and have seen results in my own fitness that I had not experienced with other gyms." - Lily Bowen

"I love my Fit-Trix! The atmosphere is friendly, no pressure and very un-assuming. The staff is wonderful - friendly and helpful. Very comfortable surroundings...my day isn't complete without starting it out at Fit-Trix!" - Annette Cirone

"I love coming to Fit-Trix! All the instructors know my name, there is babysitting for a small fee, but best of all is the BodyPump class! That's why I come here as opposed to just working out at home. BodyStep is great too--wish I could make more classes. I've lost at least 7 lbs of fat in the last month!" - Becky Kresser

"The group fitness classes - BodyCombat and BodyPump are crazy, intense fun! The instructors are wonderful. They continuously reinforce proper technique and form, give options, motivate and challenge you. A great cardiovascular, muscle defining, bone density building, stress reducing workout. ALL GOOD! - Peggy Heil

"I love the classes - BodyStep and BodyCombat are my favorite! The evening hours work well for me. I love that I can burn a ton of calories in one hour with great teachers at a place so close to home! Working out at Fit-trix has become a major part of my life!"
- Susan Sutcliffe

"Joining Fit-Trix has given me motivation, purpose and a sense of accomplishment! I love the ladies I've met, I enjoy the classes and the fact that my clothes fit; and I feel well--physically and mentally! It's a definite stress-reliever too." - Gisele B.

"I love Fit-Trix! I've exercised regularly all my adult life, but after attending classes at Fit-Trix, I dropped two pant sizes! The classes are excellent and there are many choices. Zumba is great fun, BodyPump makes me stronger and BodyCombat is the best overall workout."

The gym has skilled instructors who make exercise fun. Since it's a small club, the members get to know each other and I've made many friends here. New members are always made to feel welcome.

Fit-Trix makes me happy I moved to East Hampton." - Merridy Bilodeau

"I'm a senior with a serious back problem. I knew I needed surgery but couldn't face the idea of being disabled for months while recovering. I decided to get into the best shape I could by attending BodyPump classes at Fit-Trix and walking on the treadmill there.

After gaining a new level of fitness, I scheduled my surgery. To the amazement of all, I needed no pain medication after the surgery and was able to restart my exercise after only two weeks of recovery! Had I not been so fit, I would probably have been bedridden for a month.

I love the comaraderie among the staff and members of Fit-Trix. I've made many friends here and with their loving support and encouragement, I continue to be motivated to exercise regularly and maintain good health and fitness." - Judith Craven

"It's convenient, with classes at multiple days/times. Classes are very friendly. Great workout!" - Sharon Gayeski

"Great place to workout! Friendly & energetic staff. Fun atmosphere and easy to make friends." - Susan Sturges